Established in the Techno music scene and a force to be reckoned with is French DJ Producer Ophélie Mercury. Her love for music drove her to perform in the biggest clubs in Paris before touring the continent. With her residency at Eat The Beat, she has quickly gained recognition since moving to Melbourne.

Her latest tracks being released through label's such as Hontas Records, Xtrxx Records, Kingside Recordings and more.

She has had the privilege of sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Carl Cox, Reinier Zonneveld, Bart Skils, Alan Fitzpatrick and Luigi Madonna. She also played at big festivals such as Esoteric Festival, Elements Festival and Festival X in Australia.

Ophélie is always striving to push the boundaries of music while spreading her message of creativity and inspiration. Her music never fails to impress.

Whether it be at a club or a festival , Ophélie always brings the crowd to a new level of excitement. Her mesmerizing melodies, deep basslines and intricate beats are sure to leave any listener speechless.


ophelie mercury Pie in the Sky
ophelie mercury Feel the Music
ophelie mercury Ananas
ophelie mercury 11:11

ophelie mercury Fox
ophelie mercury Barceloca
ophelie mercury nutcase
ophelie mercury the jagerbomb

ophelie mercury phobia
ophelie mercury undernight

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